Who We Are

The Northaven Family

While Northaven welcomes all older adults, we have a unique commitment to those with low and moderate incomes. The majority of our independent living units qualify for Section 8 housing and the majority of our assisted living residents rely on Medicaid.

We are a friendly, caring, unpretentious community where everyone is family. Our staff breaks records for length of service, providing highly competent service.

We are home to people like Florence, who at 96 has outlived her husband and their savings. “Northaven is the shining light,” says her daughter, “Mom was able to care for herself financially until she was 94. When our family moved her from Puyallup to be closer to us in Seattle, her finances were an issue. We are all very grateful for Northaven. Mom often asks us if we realize just how lucky she is.”




Our Vision

A community actively engaged so all may approach their elder years with hope, confidence and dignity.


Our Mission

Northaven provides not-for-profit affordable housing, compassionate care and community services to improve the quality of life for older adults.


Our Values

Inspired by the example of our Olympic View Community Church of the Brethren founders who, moved by their deep faith, mortgaged their homes to realize a vision of providing a dignified and loving home for our community’s elders we continue to live by their values: COMPASSION,COMFORT, HOSPITALITY, JUSTICE, GENEROSITY.