Make a Planned Gift

A planned gift is a great way to make a donation, especially if you have been unable to make charitable contributions during your lifetime. Your deferred gift is a visionary way to extend our mission long into the future. No gift is too small.

Join a noble tradition that began with big-hearted and visionary members of Olympic View Community Church who mortgaged their homes in 1972 to secure a HUD loan to build Northaven.

When you make a planned gift, if is helpful if you notify us of your intention, even if the amount of the gift is still unknown. We are happy to visit you and your loved ones about making a planned gift.

When you notify us of your intention to make a planned or deferred gift you become a member of the
The Hearts of Northaven.
You will be invited to our annual member luncheon.
You will also receive special updates to informing you what your investment in Northaven is accomplishing.

Ways You Can Make a Planned Gift



You can provide for a gift of a specific amount in your Will or in a simple Codicil to your Will, or you may leave Northaven a percentage of your residual estate.



You can make a significant gift now and Northaven receives the interest and that provides for the eventual transfer of the original gifted assets to your heirs. A gift in this manner may assist you with substantially reduced gift and estate costs.



When you establish a CRT, you are gifting assets from your estate to the CRT while maintaining the right to personally receive or direct the income generated by the gifted assets to another beneficiary such as a spouse or child for life or a fixed term. Typically, you will gift assets through a CRT which are highly appreciated, so the value of the assets can be removed from your estate (reducing the possibility of estate tax), with the added benefit of avoiding capital gains tax on the transfer of the assets to the CRT.



All or part of an IRA or other qualified retirement plan remaining at death can be designated to Northaven with tax advantages to your heirs. You can also designate Northaven as the beneficiary of all or part of the death proceeds from a life insurance policy, an annuity contract, or savings bonds.


To talk about making a planned gift to Northaven contact Bill Dorn, Director of Development, Northaven Foundation by:

Bill Dorn
11045 8th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA, 98125




Always consult with your loved ones and your attorney, financial planner or accountant when planning a gift.